Gaithersburg Business Owner Offers 
Unparalleled Service and Style

John Hashempour, interior designer and owner of Persiano Gallery in Gaithersburg, knows how daunting it can be to pick out a new piece of furniture or home décor. That’s why he has been striving to make his business a one-stop shop for the past 17 years.

John came to the U.S. from Iran in 1985 and has been in the D.C. area ever since. With a background in architecture, he specializes in being able to visualize a space and use his expertise to carefully select the best items that will bring a room together.

“My background has always been in style and creating: dressmaking, jewelry making, construction, measurements,” he says. “I enjoy the arts and unique things.”

He stocks Persiano Gallery with high-quality pieces from all around the world—Spain, Italy and multiple U.S. cities—making sure customers can choose from a wide selection of lighting, rugs, couches, art and more.

The walls of the gallery are lined with brightly colored paintings. The ceiling twinkles with dozens of glittering chandeliers. There are more modest treasures to be discovered too, like a small bronze telescope or delicate figurines.

John prides himself on his hands-on customer service and makes a point to personally visit as many of his clients in their homes as he can, so he can make the right recommendations.

“The No. 1 designer of a house is the person living in it, but they can go around and around—what is the best thing, the right thing, the right size, right color? When they come to us, we narrow everything down for them,” John says. “We hear their ideas, determine their taste and sort of show them the way. We help people have a good experience with their purchases.”

In the age of online shopping, Persiano Gallery offers special ordering, but John also acknowledges that people don’t often want to wait.

“We’re a final destination luxury furniture outlet—a place for people to go and buy what they want at a fraction of what they’d have to pay in retail. We don’t just look at the numbers,” he says. “We make sure we buy good quality, offer flexibility and bigger discounts. We make it more affordable. Customers can buy anything they see and take it home the same day.”

John says local shoppers are looking for more information, more options, and more sophistication in their purchases, and that anyone can find something at Persiano Gallery.

“I love everything I buy. Each item is appealing to a certain type of client.”

Persiano Gallery is growing, with new locations now open in Rockville and Hagerstown. Visit
to find the perfect new addition to your home.