Anja Caldwell is Introducing Knitting and Crocheting to Today’s Youth

Some people celebrate milestone birthdays by doing something fun, crazy or out of character. Others celebrate by turning dreams into reality, which is precisely what Anja Caldwell did when she turned 50 two years ago and decided to open FiberArt.Studio.

The small shop, located in the Potomac Promenade Mall, can be misleading to passers-by who often mistake it for a yarn or craft store. Anja thinks of it as more of a school, where she teaches an afternoon class for kids ages 6 to 16 three days a week.

She came to the U.S. from Germany, which she says is very crafty, in 1997. She’s trying to introduce knitting and crocheting (“grandma stuff”) to today’s youth.

“I have kids who don’t know what a needle is or that it has a hole,” she says. “Those fine motor skills of working with your fingers are getting lost. I’ve sort of set out to change that by creating this place. One of my slogans is, ‘Learn something old today.’”

Anja hopes that places like hers will become successful and popular again a generation from now because people will have reacquired the skills and the desire to make things by hand.

“There’s nothing like making things yourself,” she says. “It’s like cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients instead of frozen stuff. That’s what we do here.”

FiberArt.Studio is located at 9812 Falls Road, Suite 120, Potomac. For more information, visit FiberArt.Studio or call 240.600.0170.