Potomac Farm Market 50

Local Grower Offers Fresh-Picked Family Fun

Every June is the start of a new season at Potomac Farm Market, where keeping the produce fresh and locally sourced is proprietor Steve Magassy’s recipe for sustainable success.

Potomac Farm Market has been family owned and operated since 1988. Steve reincorporated in 2007, and it’s been his passion project ever since.

Steve was raised in Potomac and started getting his hands dirty in farming when he was a kid. The modest property at the corner of Congressional Parkway and River Road is his grandparents’ homestead and still the central hub of the market, in addition to other locations in North Potomac, Glen Echo, McLean and Spring Valley.

“I’ve been doing this since high school,” he says. “I’m a big fan of agriculture; I have a big interest in growing—always have.”

During the off-season, the land where rows of everything from tomatoes and pumpkins to vegetables and Christmas trees grow throughout most of the year January-March is barren and empty, but Steve says that when things are in full swing, “It’s a zoo.”

When the market reopens in June for the summer months, there will be rows of juicy peaches, sweet corn, melons, mouthwatering tomatoes and more—a lot more.

“You can’t buy my product in stores,” Steve says. “Homegrown tomatoes? You can only get those here. We bring the farm to you.”

June through September is mostly produce and cut-your-own flowers, then the market switches to pumpkins for the fall, followed by Christmas trees. It also offers firewood during the winter.

Steve prides himself on the emphasis he puts on his products being fresh, sustainable and local.

“Everything is grown within 10 miles of where you’re standing, and some of it 50 feet or less,” he says. “That’s what separates us from any other farm market. Nothing’s coming from Canada or Mexico. Sometimes we have to supplement if it’s early or late in the season, but everything is locally sourced, either from the Eastern Shore or other parts of Maryland. Many farm markets are not solely Montgomery County-grown.”

While Potomac Farm Market doesn’t offer the opportunity to get your own hands dirty with pick-your-own options, Steve promises everything available for purchase was grown naturally and with organic practice,

“Everything is picked each morning around sunrise,” he says. “We don’t refrigerate.”

Steve says the community atmosphere is what keeps him invested in the business.

“Whether it be a Grandma getting a tomato, someone getting flowers, kids getting pumpkins, a family picking out their Christmas tree—our job is to put smiles on faces.”

Potomac Farm Market is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. seven days a week. For more information or to discover what’s available each season, visit PotomacFarmMarket.com