1. “We took Polaroids of the kids, and for many, it was the only picture they had of themselves.”
  2. Jeremy has traveled each year to Romania since he was 14 to work with abandoned and Roma children.”
  3. Our kids brought cookies for the children and school supplies from a list teachers gave us beforehand for the entire second grade.”
  4. “Kade was only 2-years-old when we started these family trips, so he has been immersed in them almost his whole life.”
  5. We visited a local school in one of the poorest districts and delivered a suitcase full of supplies requested ahead of time by the school.”
  6. We spent the day with the families there—playing soccer, cooking and learning.

My happiest moments are watching my children open their hearts and souls to learn about others, respect others, and engage with others.”

What my children are learning from these experiences, I hope, is what Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.'”