Create Your Own Sanctuary 6

Sanctuary Interior Design Can Help Bring Your Dream to Life

Walking into Sanctuary Interior Design is like walking into a candy store for women. Owner Hillary Summerbell designed its watercolor walls and sparkling light fixtures to transport you the moment you arrive. 

Her new studio is also a boutique where all are welcome to browse their uniquely curated decor for the home. Take a seat at the design table, and the talented and friendly staff will help you dream up just about anything.

“The fast-paced life in Washington can be stressful,” Hillary, a native Washingtonian, says. “There are many demands on women specifically, and we need a place that’s our own sanctuary. It’s important to find a special place where you can recharge.”

At her studio, you can find ideas for your own sanctuary.

“I get so excited when people come to browse our textiles and accessories. A home design that doesn’t work can create anxiety,” she says. “We all feel relaxed in well-designed interiors, and we may not even know why. I created my studio for the woman who wants to reinvent her home in a casual, fun and, most importantly, inviting environment.” 

Sanctuary Interior Design is just that—a unique space where you can tap into the creative atmosphere and be inspired.