Drink, Smoke, Eat 9

That’s the Key to Kicking Back at Civil Cigar Lounge

THERE AREN’T MANY ESTABLISHMENTS THAT ALLOW OPEN SMOKING THESE DAYS—UNLESS THAT IS THEIR SOLE PURPOSE, OF COURSE. At Civil Cigar Lounge in Washington, D.C., people come in because they know they can enjoy the experience of smoking a cigar in peace. “Our motto here is drink, smoke, eat,” General Manager Paul Spence says. “These are our passions. We love good spirits, great cigars and good food.” He and his partners, John Anderson and Matt Krimm, opened Civil Cigar Lounge five years ago in the northwest reaches of the city. To learn more about Civil Cigar Lounge or to make a reservation, visit CivilLounge.com.

To learn more about Civil Cigar Lounge or to make a reservation, visit CivilLounge.com



Civil Cigar Lounge takes a special interest in offering spirits that can’t be found elsewhere in the city. Paul’s partner specifically searches for limited editions that are only available in places like Europe or Japan. If you need help with pairings, Paul makes sure his staff is educated to the expert level so they can make the best recommendations.



A cigar smoker is a different breed, according to Paul. He says his guests range from carpenter to congressman. “Cigars are a hobby, not a habit,” he says. “It’s something to sit and enjoy. The best parallel is perhaps fine wine.” A cigar can take up to an hour and a half to smoke, and Civil offers guests the perfect atmosphere to smoke at their leisure. Paul says part of the meaning behind the name comes from their hope to encourage civil conversation.



Up until April, Civil Cigar Lounge had an arrangement with its neighbors, Range, until Chef Bryan Voltaggio closed the restaurant. Civil then began working with a local shop, Pepperoni Chic, that specializes in handmade pepperoni rolls, a Calabrian specialty featuring fresh Italian bread with pepperoni, cheese, peppers and sauce. Expanded offerings include locally made charcuterie and cheese boards, while the long-term plan is to bring all the food service in-house and create a lounge-focused menu that will live up to Civil Cigar Lounge’s slogan.