Endurance. Strength. Power 2

The Working Man’s Secret Weapon to Boosting Metabolism and Maximizing Results Fast at Truebody

TRUEBODY IS A NEW CATEGORY OF HEALTH CLUB THAT WAS CREATED SPECIFICALLY TO ADDRESS A GAP IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. If you want a complete, balanced and sustainable approach to fitness, Truebody has it all: More than 100 classes per week in yoga, cardio, strength, cycling and wellness, and free fitness consultations. Truebody uses the industry’s most advanced and highest-quality equipment for all of its fitness programs in eight beautiful studios including an outdoor rooftop and a courtyard with a meditation labyrinth. Services include private sessions in fitness, yoga, Pilates, stretch and massage therapy, and the use of exquisite locker rooms. Memberships are month to month and class packages are always available. This small group circuit-training class is an intense 32 minutes at four stations, 8 minutes each. Work through four different exercises at each unique station. Every set can target endless variations to train cardio, strength, functional, upper body, lower body and core.

The Truebody Core Circuit

Rotations on the Elevate Rower

Start on the incline rower and drive with legs while extending and rotating. Come back to center before you repeat on the other side.

Kneeling Marpo Rope Lifts on Ball

Start kneeling on a stability ball, grab the rope and begin to lift the rope upward continually.

Pullover on Total Gym

Start on back with legs in the air, with one knee close to the body and the other extended, then pull the cables over the body while lifting. Slowly return back down and repeat, switching legs.

Boxmaster: Combination (6-5-3-2)

Uppercut left, uppercut right, left hook and right cross. Reset and repeat.