A Hearty Dish 6

Serving the Community at Gregorio’s Trattoria

Pizza is arguably one of America’s most beloved meals. It comes in all forms: deep dish, Neapolitan, thin crust, New York-style, pepperoni, pineapple, veggie—you name it, you can probably put it on pizza. Everyone has a favorite type, and everyone has a favorite place to get it. Greg Kahn hopes Gregorio’s Trattoria is yours.

Greg spent time around the restaurant business for much of his life. His father ran a distribution company that served restaurants, he worked in restaurants growing up, and he decided in high school that someday he would run his own.

“It was always a dream to have my own business somewhere along the way,” he says.

One of the restaurants where he worked, Mamma Lucia in Reston, Virginia, wound up being the location he would turn into the original Gregorio’s, which opened Oct. 3, 2008. The Potomac location celebrates five years this August.

With a passion for food—“I didn’t get this body because I like to take spinning classes,” he jokes—Greg turned Gregorio’s into a “neighborhood family place.”

“That’s who we are, that’s all we ever wanted to be—to be a part of this community,” Greg says. “I grew up here, my parents still live here. It’s home.”

Those family roots extend throughout the business; Kahn’s father, Donald, is his partner and can be found in the restaurant at least three nights a week. His two sons, Bobby and Nathan, are not quite old enough to don their own chef’s hats quite yet, but Greg says they love watching their dad in the kitchen. Gregorio’s even goes one step further in catering to their young guests by providing a ball of pizza dough for them to play with.

“It keeps them quiet,” Greg laughs.

The Gregorio’s family includes a staff of 27 people, and it’s the people, whether his own or those who walk through his doors looking for a delicious meal, that Greg says is his favorite part of the business.

“Whether it’s the relationships I have with my staff or with guests, that’s what it’s all about, getting to know people,” Greg says. “That’s what we’re here for.”

That community focus drives his desire to give back. From birthdays to fundraisers, Greg is open to hosting any special event, as long as it fits his schedule and 90-seat capacity.

“I went to the local schools, so we do a lot to support those schools,” he says. “We participate in silent auctions and provide lunches on Pizza Day. For us, it’s all about showing how much we care.”

To that end, Greg also makes sure that anyone who wants to eat at Gregorio’s can find something on the menu, from offering vegetarian options like zucchini linguine to being aware of potential allergies and restrictions.

“We accommodate virtually every potential dietary need,” he says. “We have an extensive gluten-free menu—we do so much pizza that there’s a lot of flour in the air, so we can’t do much to prevent that, but we do the best we can.”

Everything is made from scratch daily, with the freshest top-quality ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. According to Greg, what sets Gregorio’s apart from the rest of the local food joints is the way they cook.

“We do it the way it should be done. It’s a traditional dish the traditional way.”

Kahn’s personal favorite?

“My death row meal would be veal Parmesan, with a side of meatballs and tiramisu for dessert,” he says. “Listen, if I didn’t like it, we wouldn’t serve it. We’re here to serve your family great food. I always tell my guys, ‘If it isn’t great, it isn’t Gregorio’s.’”

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