Live Your Style, Create Your Beautiful at Oxygen Salon & Day Spa

When you walk through the door at Oxygen Salon & Day Spa on Rockville Pike, you realize why the place is aptly named—it’s like a breath of fresh air. Between the hustle and bustle of snipping scissors and spinning chairs and the din of chatter over the drone of blow dryers, it becomes evident while observing the dynamic between the person sitting in the chair and the person standing behind it that the hairdressers are striving to be more than simple stylists. They’re artists.

This is exactly the vision salon director Harrod Harnarine says they set out to achieve when owners Sagi and Nazreen Rahimi opened Oxygen in 2012.

“Our mission has always been to facilitate a niche in our industry where we offer an experience to a client that’s custom to who they are,” he says. “It’s not just a cut and color; it’s really crafting a look.”

The dream team trio all come from backgrounds that are deeply rooted in fashion. Sagi came to the States in 1992 and continued his education at Goldwell KMS Academy.

“It took us a few months to figure it out, but we realized that the strength of our business is our staff,” he says. “That’s what sets us apart—we’re elevating people by sharing our knowledge and expertise and giving a helping hand. That’s what makes you feel like you’re working as a team.”

Nazreen did most of her training in Italy. She hones her craft year-round by attending hair shows around the country.

“I treat my clients like friends; I listen to them,” she says. “The beauty of our business is in making people happy.”

“She’s like the matriarch of the group,” Harrod says of Nazreen. “She makes you feel comfortable right away, and her work is untouchable. She has superior vision and foresight.”

Harrod is a Maryland native and former model with advertising and marketing experience, making him an invaluable addition.

“The collaboration between us was ideal; I have a background in the business on a larger scale, and they have the technical skills and artistry,” he says.

Oxygen stays one step ahead of the competition by researching ever-changing trends while remembering that some things never change.

Taking their clients’ ideas and giving them an end result that helps them realize their own beauty is the goal with every single client.

“When someone’s able to truly see their own beauty, that’s something that society doesn’t give to you; it can’t be taken away. It’s yours, it’s individual. As beauty professionals, those are the magic moments—when you know they’re looking in the mirror and loving themselves and trying to remain calm, but they’re going to get to their car and take a million selfies. That’s why we do what we do.”

1677 Rockville Pike, Rockville, Maryland, 301.881.5052,