As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And time sure has flown by this year as we can’t believe we’ve put together the final issue of Potomac Lifestyle in 2018! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down to write our January letter to all of you—talking about resolutions and renewal—and yet, here we are, almost time to do it again.

There’s a unique perspective that working in publishing brings. We’re always looking toward the future. Whether it’s planning our next issue or developing story ideas for the next year, we’re often already fast forwarded to future months before the current month has even begun.

The fast-paced lifestyle this industry calls for can often make it difficult to really settle down and absorb what’s going on around us and, before we know it, the year is over and it’s time to move forward again. I really appreciate our team and all they have done to celebrate the Potomac community this past year. Special thanks to editor Melissa Lauren, staff writer Danielle Tepper, staff photographer Jack Hartzman, contributing photographers David Hartzman and Alison Tremblay, and photography coordinator Monica Vidal. Special thanks to the late Vanessa Mallory Kotz, who was a valued contributing writer. We remember her fondly.

We would especially like to thank you, the readers, for enjoying this magazine and sharing your excitement about our publication with your friends and colleagues! Many thanks to our advertising partners for their support in making this publication happen month after month. 

This December, with the holiday season upon us, we hope you make the time to take it all in. Enjoy your time with family and friends, bask in the magic of the winter season, reflect on past memories you hold closely in your hearts and keep the new ones you create in the present for as long as you can.

We can’t wait to see you next year! Happy reading and happy holidays!


KC Cole, publisher