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Lisa Vogel Agency

A graduate from Loyola University Maryland, Vogel launched her own health care firm in 2008. Visiting her grandparents in nursing homes as a child and seeing how lonely they seemed inspired her to offer better care options for seniors. Lisa’s grandfather had early onset Alzheimer’s at age 50 for eight years. Her grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and had to stay in a different nursing home than her husband. Lisa remembers the caregivers fondly from her visits. 

The Lisa Vogel Agency is a state-licensed residential agency providing quality in-home health care for their clients. They bill privately to long-term care insurance, take care of all of the paperwork and help with custodial care. Custodial care means helping with activities of daily living: feeding, bathing, medication reminders, housekeeping, cooking, companionship and laundry. They also provide transportation to social events, doctors’ appointments and errands like hair appointments. Their goal is to care for their clients and keep them independent and safe for as long as possible in the comfort of their own homes. It has been proven that people live longer in their home environment.

Their employees are not independent contractors but rather experienced employees with a minimum of five years of home care experience who are bonded and insured. They provide ongoing education to their employees every month. The agency provides 24/7 telephone service, and every 90 days a supervisory visit is conducted by a registered nurse to ensure there is no abuse or neglect, review elective care and reinforce the set schedule to maintain continuity of care.

Success Story: Their client, Ina, struggled with getting up and out of bed. Her caregiver, Mary, was determined to get her to walk down the aisle at her grandson’s wedding. Mary worked with her, and Ina not only made it to the wedding, but she was also able to walk down the aisle all by herself. It was a truly special moment for Ina’s family, and Mary was glad to help make that memory for them. Learn more at

Smiles of Chevy Chase

Your smile is the first thing people see. Your smile is more than just teeth. So, when it comes to taking care of your smile, you have to be sure that your dentist understands that the condition of your mouth is often the first, best window into your overall health. More than 90 percent of serious medical conditions—from leukemia and heart disease to kidney failure—show up first and early in the mouth. 

Dr. Despina Markogiannakis, “Dr. Marko,” has wanted to be a dentist since third grade. She graduated first in her class from dental school, and she exceeds all continuing education requirements. She insists and assures that her staff is continually trained above and beyond the state mandates. Her skill levels are wide and varied, and she also surrounds herself with the absolute best specialists.   

Dr. Marko uses new technology and upgrades when and only if it benefits the patient. Digital radiography provides high-quality imaging with extremely low radiation dosage. She uses a device called The Wand to assure practically painless anesthesia. But dentistry is much more about the dentist than it is the technology. It combines art with science and better yet, helps with preventative healthcare.

Dr. Marko explains new patients shouldn’t be disillusioned. Progress can be made by incorporating an electric toothbrush, compliance with the frequency of cleanings and regular flossing. Dental healthcare can be managed, and patients see results when they are diligent about oral healthcare. Dr. Marko prides herself on developing treatments that are custom-tailored to suit her patients’ needs. Her services include in-office whitening, fixing that chipped front tooth, implants and crowns, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and more. Preventative dental health has been proven to increase one’s lifespan, and that’s truly something to smile about. To learn more visit

RegenMD Orthobiologics

RegenMD provides a full spectrum of care. They work as a team of dedicated orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists and trainers so no matter your need, they have you covered. Depending on the patient’s needs, RegenMD can find solutions utilizing conservative treatment, regenerative or surgery.

Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of medicine that uses your body’s own natural healing ability to repair damage to bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments non-surgically. RegenMD uses the patient’s own cells from either blood, bone marrow or adipose tissue, concentrates them and then using ultrasound or fluoroscopy, places them precisely in the area of injury. Regenerative medicine is not only used in orthopedics but also in a wide variety of specialties including neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, cancer therapies, neurology and auto-immune disease, to name a few. New clinical applications are rapidly emerging. 

RegenMD provides patient education while developing and implementing a comprehensive patient care plan. They pride themselves on giving their patients honest opinions regarding the best treatment plan. Moreover, they have the means to provide treatment for various scenarios, and their treatment offerings are not limited.

Treatments such as PRP injections, stem cell therapy, exosomes and prolotherapy all work to harness your body’s own natural healing ability and promote healing from within. The objective is to decrease pain, heal the injured area and restore function without invasive surgical procedures. Each treatment is individualized for the patient and their specific injury. Every patient gets a thorough history and physical combined with imaging studies to determine if they would be a candidate for a specific treatment. Alternatively, a combination of treatments may best suit a patient’s needs. Educating patients about the different treatment options is very important to the experts at RegenMD where their goal is always providing patients with the best possible care and outcome. Learn more at

Washington Plastics

Dr. Cohen of Washington Plastic Surgery Group wanted to be a doctor ever since he was 3 years old. At the time, he had a brother-in-law who was significantly older than him who was pursuing medicine. Dr. Cohen realized at an early age that medicine was a way to combine his love of science while being helpful to people. He prides himself on “treating every patient like I would want my family member treated rather than focusing on up-selling various treatments.”

Dr. Cohen advises that new patients find a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and experienced. It is OK to have several consultations with a few practitioners in order to find the right fit. It is perfectly appropriate to view before-and-after photographs and ask for patient referrals. Ask how many surgeries the doctor has done.

“Ten surgeries in one particular area is not enough,” Dr. Cohen says.

He stresses that patients need to be realistic with expectations and the significance of following directions regarding recovery and being a good patient.

His approach is to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures while achieving reasonable outcomes. Dr. Cohen notes that certain facial rejuvenation procedures under local anesthesia have benefited patients in that the procedures have a reduced complication rate and recovery time. It also makes these procedures more affordable to patients. Another perk of these procedures being performed under local anesthesia? Much less bruising!

Trans-abdominal breast augmentation is a new innovative procedure of Dr. Cohen’s. Commonly known as the “mommy makeover,” patients are wanting both a tummy tuck and breast augmentation postpartum. The biggest complication with breast enhancement is the hardening of the breast tissue or capsular contracture, when the body makes scar tissue around the implant. With trans-abdominal breast augmentation, there is only one incision, no scars on the breasts and he has seen no capsular contractures in his patients.

Helping patients achieve aesthetic enhancements and boost their confidence has been rewarding, but Dr. Cohen has found treating patients with burn reconstruction surgery has been especially rewarding.

“These patients have been through a lot, and I am happy to help them to feel better about themselves and restore function,” Dr. Cohen says.

Dr. Cohen has locations in Rockville, Annapolis and Fulton, Maryland; as well as McLean, Virginia. Learn more at

SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Liu provides specialty dental care for children from newborn infants to 18 years of age. SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry has the specialized equipment, facility and staff to properly address today’s most demanding pediatric dentistry needs in a warm and caring environment.

“Healthcare has always been my passion,” Dr. Liu says.  

Dr. Liu is a specialty trained pediatric dentist dedicated to establishing a clean and healthy smile for children.

“It is rewarding to teach kids how to care for their teeth. I love their energy!” Dr. Liu says.

It is important for patients to learn at an early age that dental health impacts overall physical health. Kids should start seeing a dentist at 1 year of age and continue to see their dentist twice a year. He teaches kids that proper brushing habits can keep the sugar bugs away. He warns if you let the sugar bugs come out and play, teeth might hurt and make holes in your teeth. 

Dr. Liu creates a fun atmosphere for the kids. Dr. Liu and his team use teddy bears with huge teeth to demonstrate how to brush and care for teeth properly. Patients get to play with the bears and learn hands-on how to keep their smiles bright and shiny. He treats all patients as if they are his own children. The team at SuperKids Pediatric Dentistry ensures that the experience goes as smoothly as possible for both the parent and the child. Customer service is key. 

His advice to patients that want to be a dentist when they grow up?

“Shadow a dentist, see what the dentist does during their day-to-day routine in order to gain practical experiential knowledge,” Dr. Liu says. 

SuperKids Dentistry has four locations in Potomac and Rockville, Maryland; as well as Sterling and Alexandria, Virginia. For more information, visit