Countertop Trends

Homeowners have long wished for marble and concrete countertops, but concerns about chipping, scratching and staining have kept these products from becoming mainstays in American kitchens. This demand has resulted in great advances in new countertop materials that offer the look and feel of marble and concrete without the durability concerns. Quartz and porcelain countertops now mimic marble and concrete colors and veining while surfaces are often available in polished or honed finishes to complete the effect. Whether traditional or modern in design, these new countertop materials satisfy the look and feel homeowners desire, along with the performance and durability they can live with. Learn more at

1. Cambria Britannica Quartz with double miter edge build-up (Photo by Jen Amendolara for Counter Culture) 2. Dekton Kira Porcelain (Photo by Counter Culture) 3. Stile Statuario Bari Porcelain (Photo by Counter Culture) 4. Caesarstone London Grey Quartz (Photo by Caesarstone) 5. Viaterra Rococo Quartz (Photo by Jen Amendolara for Counter Culture) 6. Pietra Calacatta Porcelain Tile (Photo by Jen Amendolara for Counter Culture) 7. Calacatta Classique Q Quartz (Photo by Jen Amendolara for Counter Culture) 8. Shadow Grey Q Quartz with Custom Double 1/4-inch Beveled Edge (Photo by Counter Culture) 9. Caesarstone Raw Concrete Quartz single-piece vanity and sink with miter build-up. Custom designed and constructed by Counter Culture. (Photo by Counter Culture)