Get Involved with Potomac Conservancy

Potomac Conservancy is the region’s leading clean-water advocate, fighting to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean drinking water, healthy lands and vibrant communities. Donations to the group support three main areas: land conservation, clean water advocacy and community volunteer programs. Specifically, that means donated funds support a staff that researches relevant river issues, forms policy positions, coordinates with partners and coalitions, involves key stakeholders in the community, mobilizes grassroots support, and directly advocates with elected officials on behalf of the movement and the organization. Money is also needed for the group’s software platform to track advocacy actions and assist with email engagement, and for the Potomac River Report Card, a research-based assessment of the river’s health. While the Conservancy enjoys robust support from volunteers, funds help support paid staff who lead volunteer efforts, and money also goes toward buying what the volunteers need to do their cleanups and other activities. Think garbage bags and orange vests.

Potomac Conservancy Volunteers Get Involved:

  • The Potomac Steward’s Program includes river cleanups at Gravelly Point, Jones Point Park, Fletcher’s Cove and other destinations.
  • The Growing Native Program invites volunteers to collect acorns and other native tree seeds needed to restore sensitive streamside forests.
  • The Happy Hour Paddles series introduces young professionals to the Potomac River at kayaking and stand-up paddling events (starting in June).