Wellness Center Heals and Inspires Through a Multi-Faceted Approach to Health

For Sean FM, what began with three herniated disks in 1997 evolved into a wellness center that he opened in 2012. (More on Sean’s interesting last name in a bit.)

“I refused to have surgery,” Sean says, referring to treatment recommended for his back. “I felt there was a better way to do it.”

Sean says that learning how to prevent the injury was of the greatest importance and had the greatest impact on his healing.

“Through that, I discovered my [Pilates] teacher.” 

A few years later, Sean’s career path took a turn from managing bars and restaurants to teaching salsa dancing and bartending. All the while, Sean was becoming more serious about wellness and yoga. Then, by 2008, Sean had become a yoga instructor and in 2012 opened his own studio that has grown and evolved into the One Aum Wellness Center in Potomac.

“We teach people how to prevent the injuries and the dysfunction that created the injury. We work together with different medical professionals,” he says.

The One Aum team now includes massage therapists, acupuncturists, functional-movement therapists, nutritionists and more.

“We are expanding and moving more in a medical direction,” he says. “It is a wellness center, but this is functional medicine.”

Sean was born Sean Burns.

“I changed my last name,” he says. “I am a quantum activist; an activist for consciousness. FM [which stands for frequency modulation] brings together many aspects of my life and is a perfect name for a musical artist.”

Sean’s musical endeavors include playing guitar, singing and songwriting. Sean is also a spoken-word poet.

As for the name of his wellness center, Sean explains that Aum (rhymes with “home”) is a sacred Hindu symbol.

“All of creation is one sound, and that sound is the sound of Aum,” he says. “One Aum is kind of a wrap-around concept. You go in, and you have all the components that work together. If you come in for the acupuncturist, she may lead you to the nutritionist or personal trainer. We are a boutique wellness center. We give you the programs, and we send you on your way. We fix your issues and then you go back to your yoga studio and back to your life.”

Sean names the wolf as his “power animal.”

“The wolf is very connected to community. They really protect each other, and I am very family- and community-oriented,” he says. “My community is my family. I am a healer. We feed each other. Even though I help heal people’s illnesses, their story affects me, and together we grow. I have learned so much from my clients for my own personal development, from financial advice to relationship advice. It’s a two-way street. We help each other.”


Three Pillars of Healing at One Aum Wellness Center


Food is Medicine

A nutritionist at One Aum shares recipes and creates personalized programs to help clients with illnesses and health conditions. Clients can then access organic food products vetted just for them.



Tools of the Trade

To fully experience One Aum Wellness Center, clients are guided to experience all the tools available, including acupuncture, and an infrared sauna, in addition to yoga, Pilates, nutrition, meditation, breath work, cardio and more.



Bring your MRI or other medical test results to help the One Aum team of physical, occupational and massage therapists design a personalized wellness plan for your specific needs.