Pets Give Olde Towne Pet Resort Four Paws Up

The Olde Towne Pet Resort website says they have thought of everything so you don’t have to. And they aren’t kidding. It is doubtful that you—or your dog or cat—could dream up a better pet resort than this one. Luxury accommodations? Check. Playground equipment? Definitely. Back-up generators? Of course. And we’re just getting started.

Speaking of getting started, a visit to the Olde Towne Pet Resort (with locations in Sterling, North Bethesda and Springfield) starts with an interview so the staff gets to know each four-legged and two-legged client. This helps the team assess each dog’s personality to ensure the best outcome if the dog is in playgroups with other dogs or if the dog needs special attention during thunderstorms, for instance.

The low pet-to-staff ratio means plenty of personal attention for each guest, whether they are staying in one of the facility’s classic, premiere, five-star or luxury suites. Certain suites allow pet owners to check up on their pets in real time via webcams. In the cattery, the felines can watch fish on TV. All the dogs’ suites are spacious and have solid walls between them, with glass fronts. All have self-filling water stations for a steady supply of cold, fresh, filtered water. A hospital-grade air filtration system and 24/7 staffing provide even more comfort and security.

Even more than the safety, cleanliness and security, the dogs love the fun.

“We offer five-star care and four-paw fun,” says Robyn Leenaerts, vice president of Marketing at the Olde Towne Pet Resort. She says their clients tell them, “Short of themselves, no one cares for their pets like we do.” When pets go home, she says, “They are exhausted from having so much fun.”

“It’s crucial to the well-being of a dog to socialize,” Robyn says. “We are very careful. We test every dog and give them an evaluation to make sure it is safe and healthy. We divide them by energy and temperament. We can have a small dog with a big old dog if they are at the same speed of play. We have a cardio run for dogs who want to burn off energy. They are completely happy and wiped out.”

Some of the Olde Towne Pet Resort locations hold “Bark Day” celebrations on dog’s birthdays. The dogs might participate in holiday parades around the facility. On Valentine’s Day, dogs might leave Valentines for each other.

Indoor and outdoor play areas provide toys and canine-appropriate structures for climbing, exploring and showcasing their agility. There are even swimming pools for the dogs for joint-friendly cardio play. Dogs enter the room-temperature water wearing a life vest and accompanied by a human helper. Afterward, a large blow dryer ensures they don’t return to their suite while still wet.

The Resort offers spa packages including bathing and haircuts, facials, and nose and paw-rub treatments with a massage. At the end of their stay, each pet receives a report card.

“These let you know the activities they did and who they made friends within day camp,” Robyn says. “Some dogs get overactive, so we pull them into a run in between, like a timeout. If they have corrective issues, we’ll let you know. We let you know good things and anything we are worried about,” she says.

All the Olde Towne Pet Resort locations are owned by the Fried family.

“This was their labor of love and a passion project,” says Robyn, who explains that the Frieds are real estate developers.

The Frieds built the Springfield location first, about 15 years ago. The Dulles facility came about five years later, and the Bethesda location opened about two years ago.  

The Bethesda facility can board about 100 dogs at a time, while the others can handle closer to 140. Various play areas accommodate about 100 dogs in manageable-sized groups for day camp. Each location includes a retail area offering training tools, toys, leashes, collars, treats and grooming products.

The only downside: Your human children may want to stay, and your dogs may not want to leave.