Depression and Poor Health Can Be a Consequence of Modern Living, but Biophilic Design May Be the Solution

My mission is to inspire/create beautiful, functional designs and interiors, and my passion is to make them healthy, nurturing biophilic havens for their inhabitants to thrive. Using light, plants, design and water, biophilic design brings the beauty and lifegiving energy indoors to make us feel better and be highly productive. 

Ever felt calm in a forest, of bliss on a beach? Well, that is nature’s negative ions combating the positively charged ions released all around us by the electric clutter of modern living. These life-sapping positive ions, or free radicals, cause damage to our focus, health, joy and happiness. So bring a bit of biophilic design into your life using light, energy, plants, natural textures and smells. It doesn’t just look great; it’s genuinely good for you, improving health and well-being.