Stronger, Better, Faster

The wrong workout can damage someone’s fitness goals as much as doing no workout at all. At Healthy Baller in Rockville, strength coaches and specialized personal trainers evaluate and motivate each client and create a custom plan to help them meet their fitness goals. “Our entire business is built on relationships,” said Matt Boyd, who co-founded Healthy Baller with Blair…

Healing Hands, Helping Neighbors

What makes Advanced Pain Medicine Institute (APMI) and APMI Orthopaedics , Sports Health & Regenerative Medicine so unique, specifically the Chevy Chase location?

Where Health Happens

Holy Cross Hospital meets and treats patients and non-patients wherever they can best serve


It is a Monday morning in November and I am witnessing the next generation at work.  At Feynman School in Potomac, a group of talented eighth graders is discussing the interplay between the amygdala, the brain part that responds to perceived threats, and the logical, decision-making pre-frontal cortex, part of their STEM course in Neuroscience and Feynman School’s social-emotional curriculum,…

Holiday Memories

 Ellen Cromwell  As the grand marshal of the Potomac Day Parade in October, Potomac resident Ellen Cromwell sat back and waved to her admirers along the parade route. It’s practically the only time in her life she has done so, as she has always instead preferred to be in the action. As the founder of Georgetown Hill Early School, being in…

December to Remember

Americans of a certain age are familiar with tales told to them by their parents that start with the iconic phrase, “When I was your age …” The story often includes bits about walking to school in the snow, which was usually uphill both ways.

Money Moves

“Helping you create a life and legacy you desire” is the goal Collins Investment Group seeks to achieve for its clients, according to the company's website tagline. The group strives to leave behind a legacy of client-centered, community-focused service.

Is Nightly Homework a Constant Battle for Your Child?

 Recipe for Eliminating Homework Battles  Ingredients:  At Fusion Academy Rockville, helping children succeed academically, socially and emotionally goes into everything they do and is a huge part of the non-traditional school experience. The director of the Homework Café provides an environment that assists students in homework completion, which puts them on a positive path to developing better relationships with family…

Community Connections

Mission statements can be deceiving. According to their website, the mission of the Montgomery County Police Foundation (a 501(c)(3)) is to enhance the quality of police service in Montgomery County and strengthen the relationship between the police and the community. Simple enough. Or maybe not. The truth is, that since Marvin Address became the president of the Foundation three years ago, he and his team have…

The Need to Serve

Describing Rotary International is a bit like describing superheroes: full of eye-popping stats and seemingly impossible achievements. Rotary is 114 years old. It is the only non-governmental organization with a seat at the United Nations. With 1.2 million members and more than 35,000 clubs worldwide, Rotary is the world’s largest civic organization and yet it sums up its reason for existence in…