For the Love of Education

Dr. Claudia Warren-Taylor, DNP, FNP-BC is a family nurse practitioner with a strong background in healthcare. She grew up in Jamaica and now has roots right here in Potomac where she has established herself as an active voice regarding senior caregiving through her ownership of five Serenity Gardens Assisted Living communities (read more on page X). She is also the…

One Room Three Ways

There is a lot to consider when redesigning your home. Lifestyle and personal taste are at the top of the list. Expert interior designers like Bethesda’s own Sanctuary Interior Designs understands there are multiple factors to consider when reimagining a room. We asked owner and principal designer Hillary Summerbell to design one space three completely different ways. She selected a small sitting room…

A Trip Well-Planned

As a teacher, Jaime Edlow engaged her students in the wonders of the world by sharing books she collected from exotic travels. Now she engages clients in the wonders of the world as an independent travel adviser specializing in luxury vacations.

Head for the Hill

Georgetown Hill Early School is a thriving nonprofit with 10 campuses and more than 300 employees serving 750 families and more than 1,000 students. Yet, to each individual student and each individual family, it feels like home. And that’s by design. The school was founded 40 years ago by Ellen Cromwell who was a pioneer in the then-new concept of…

‘Water’ You Waiting For?

Potomac Conservancy is the region’s leading clean-water advocate, fighting to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean drinking water, healthy lands and vibrant communities. Donations to the group support three main areas: land conservation, clean water advocacy and community volunteer programs. Specifically, that means donated funds support a staff that researches relevant river issues, forms policy positions, coordinates with partners and coalitions, involves…

Balancing Act

Visitors to the Glenstone Museum don’t see very much in the way of written text explaining the art. Instead, visitors need to just speak their questions aloud and a voice will respond with all the history, context and backstory they seek. The Glenstone, however, is not a place where digital devices robotically intrude on the museum experience. In fact, it…

On the Map:

Innovative playground. Inspiring nearby creek. Butterfly Waystation. Geneva Day School, offering traditional early childhood education since 1965 and certified as a Maryland Green School as of 2010, proves itself irresistible to generations through uniquely green foundations.

Meet Greg Kahn, the Man Behind the Meatballs

Food brings people together. From pizza parties as children to lunch meetings as adults, food is not just a necessity but part of a lifestyle. Greg Kahn grew up around restaurants while his father ran a food distribution company and knew that one day, he too would be part of the food lifestyle.

A Renovation Story

A.B.E. Networks has been the Washington D.C. metro area’s premier provider for smart home solutions for nearly 30 years. The firm takes a holistic approach to projects by starting the process at the design phase to propose a system that emphasizes both current and future use cases. The design phase is a space to collaborate with interior designers, builders, electricians and any…

Habitat for Humanity Washington D.C.

The mission of Habitat for Humanity Washington D.C. is to reduce poverty housing and homelessness in the nation’s capital by building decent, affordable, energy-efficient homes for those in need.