Community Connections

Mission statements can be deceiving. According to their website, the mission of the Montgomery County Police Foundation (a 501(c)(3)) is to enhance the quality of police service in Montgomery County and strengthen the relationship between the police and the community. Simple enough. Or maybe not. The truth is, that since Marvin Address became the president of the Foundation three years ago, he and his team have…

The Need to Serve

Describing Rotary International is a bit like describing superheroes: full of eye-popping stats and seemingly impossible achievements. Rotary is 114 years old. It is the only non-governmental organization with a seat at the United Nations. With 1.2 million members and more than 35,000 clubs worldwide, Rotary is the world’s largest civic organization and yet it sums up its reason for existence in…

Blue Hope Bash

Everyone needs allies. So, imagine the impact of an alliance unified across the nation with a common goal. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance is doing more than imagining. The Alliance is making an impact by supporting patients, families, caregivers and survivors; raising awareness of preventative measures; and inspiring efforts to fund critical research. The Blue Hope Bash, the premier fundraiser for the…

Where Gifted Minds Grow

Is your little one blazing through books? Solving puzzles designed for much older children? Incessantly peppering you with questions? Well, what kid doesn’t do the latter, but it’s the nature of those questions that could tip you off: Your child may be gifted.

Keto Guiltless Pleasures

The IPIC Theater located at Pike & Rose in North Bethesda should issue a warning: Seeing a movie at this luxury theater may ruin not one but two of your favorite things because you may never be happy doing them anywhere else. They said they had a simple goal of combining the two most common forms of entertainment: going to the…

MCPAW for a Cause

Five years ago, the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center opened its doors to local pet lovers. A multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art facility 20 years in the making, MCASAC has become the largest open-admission animal shelter in the county, operated by the animal services division of the police department.

Say Ahhhh to CBD

Visitors to a CBD Wellness store might feel as though they’ve entered a waiting area for a stylish spa instead of a retail shop. There are no floor-to-ceiling shelves bulging with products. There are no carts or shopping baskets and no clearance racks with ads screaming for attention. Instead, tasteful, soothing decor and an open floorplan greet customers who immediately…

Eating for a Cause

Twelve years running, Taste in Potomac is an event that promises full stomachs and hearts as the annual fundraiser for Adoptions Together, a local nonprofit that specializes in forging families of all kinds. Each year, the community gathers to celebrate the idea that “family is everything,” according to Founder and Executive Director Janice Goldwater.

Rhapsody in Schmatlz

From the Willard Hotel to Nationals Park, Signature Caterers creates memorable events. They have literally cobbled together makeshift kitchens among trees and moss, as well as at farms, in backyards, on rooftops and pretty much anywhere someone is having a party. Established in 2000, the company prides itself on operating like clockwork.

From Boot Camp to Brunch

 Think athleisure fashions are a passing trend? Think again.  “It’s here to stay for a long time,” says Wendy Abelman, who co-owns the popular Potomac athleisure store Gym & Tonic with Amy Block. “Everyone likes comfort,” Wendy adds, “And they’re into health and fitness. Everyone is looking to take care of themselves.”  Amy agrees.