We’re in this together

There is no typical client at EMP180°. There is no typical plan or program. Instead, everything is personalized, individualized and strategized. EMP180° EMPowers clients to make healthy sustainable changes to achieve overall good health. The “180°” represents change.

Attention to Addiction

“Addiction doesn’t discriminate,” according to Dave Sidhu, CEO of Second Chance Addiction Care. “It affects people across every line: racial, religious, gender, class. It’s a mental health issue that’s nothing to be ashamed of—everyone has different challenges to their happiness.”

Aum is Where the Heart Is

For Sean FM, what began with three herniated disks in 1997 evolved into a wellness center that he opened in 2012. (More on Sean’s interesting last name in a bit.)

Turkey Day Workout with Wyatt

Wyatt Oring is the founder and owner of Your Personal Trainer, LLC. Your Personal Trainer combines personalized and progressive workouts and nutrition plans specifically designed to meet your complete health goals. Enjoy this 8-minute workout that’s quick, simple and will help you burn off your Thanksgiving feast!

Endurance. Strength. Power

 Article Danielle S. Tepper | Photography Jack Hartzman Photography  Truebody was created to specifically focus on personalized service with a community feel, offering more than 100 classes per week in yoga, cardio, strength, cycling and wellness, plus free fitness consultations. The most advanced and highest-quality equipment is used across eight beautiful studios, including an outdoor rooftop and a courtyard with…