A Hearty Dish

 Article Danielle S. Tepper | Photography Jack Hartzman Photography  Pizza is arguably one of America’s most beloved meals. It comes in all forms: deep dish, Neapolitan, thin crust, New York-style, pepperoni, pineapple, veggie—you name it, you can probably put it on pizza. Everyone has a favorite type, and everyone has a favorite place to get it. Greg Kahn hopes Gregorio’s Trattoria…

Churchill Bulldogs

 Article Vanessa Mallory Kotz | Photography Jack Hartzman  Churchill High and the Bulldogs  After serving as principal of Churchill High for 21 years, Dr. Joan Benz is retiring. She spent 44 years working in Montgomery County Schools as a teacher, office specialist, assistant principal and principal at seven different schools. We chatted with her about her impressive career and her…

Five Things We Love

 Article Vanessa Mallory Kotz | Photography Monica Vidal  Lindsey and Sophia have been best friends since they met at Bindeman Preschool. They support each other “through thick and thin.”  Lindsey

Paws for a Cause

 Article Danielle S. Tepper | Photography Jack Hartzman  Four years ago, the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center opened its doors to local pet lovers. A multimillion-dollar state-of-the-art facility 20 years in the making, MCASAC has become the largest open-admission animal shelter in the county, operated by the animal services division of the police department.  Those who step inside…

Celebrating Family

When you think of family, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the people you share your mornings with: your lifelong partner who makes you breakfast, the toddler who wakes you up before sunrise or is it man’s best friend—our always faithful, loving companions? Maybe it’s the people you share your years with: the grandfather who … Continued

Party Animals

 Article Vanessa Mallory Kotz | Photography Ronald Gilbert Baker  Founded by husband and wife team John and Jill Phillips, Squeals on Wheels traveling petting zoo combines their passion for animals and family togetherness. Squeals on Wheels brings goats, rabbits, piglets, hedgehogs and other sweet animals to your child’s (or grown-up) party. They work to ensure all kids have fun learning…

Fun from A to Z

Article Danielle S. Tepper | Photography Ronald Gilbert Baker & Jack Hartzman