‘Water’ You Waiting For?

Potomac Conservancy is the region’s leading clean-water advocate, fighting to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean drinking water, healthy lands and vibrant communities. Donations to the group support three main areas: land conservation, clean water advocacy and community volunteer programs. Specifically, that means donated funds support a staff that researches relevant river issues, forms policy positions, coordinates with partners and coalitions, involves…

Eco Edition

Tee time, anyone? Golf season is here! It’s also the sound of nature springing to life after a long winter’s nap. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and children are playing outside as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. This month at Potomac Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor … Continued

April 2019 Around Town

Bethesda Teenager Wins Gold Bethesda teenager Justin Haddad didn’t expect to win the gold medal but now is the national champion for his age group in fencing. Hundreds of hopefuls from around the nation competed in the cadet under-17 age group at the USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships in Denver Feb. 15–18. “It turned out pretty well. I … Continued

Balancing Act

Visitors to the Glenstone Museum don’t see very much in the way of written text explaining the art. Instead, visitors need to just speak their questions aloud and a voice will respond with all the history, context and backstory they seek. The Glenstone, however, is not a place where digital devices robotically intrude on the museum experience. In fact, it…

Potomac Chamber of Commerce Networking Event

The Inaugural 2019 Potomac Chamber of Commerce Networking Event was hosted at Normandie Farm Restaurant on Falls Road in Potomac. What an amazing night of wonderful food, drinks, good friends, good times and, of course, networking. PotomacChamber.org

Going Green

Living Sustainably in Style Article Nicolette Martin Did you know that in 2016, world plastic production totaled around 335 million metric tons, according to the Earth Day Network? Although you probably can’t singlehandedly change the environmental toll of the amount of plastic pollution that comes from that kind of number, we’ve rounded up a few … Continued

On the Map:

Innovative playground. Inspiring nearby creek. Butterfly Waystation. Geneva Day School, offering traditional early childhood education since 1965 and certified as a Maryland Green School as of 2010, proves itself irresistible to generations through uniquely green foundations.

Meet Greg Kahn, the Man Behind the Meatballs

Food brings people together. From pizza parties as children to lunch meetings as adults, food is not just a necessity but part of a lifestyle. Greg Kahn grew up around restaurants while his father ran a food distribution company and knew that one day, he too would be part of the food lifestyle.